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Create another income for yourself.
6 Reason why I must create other income?
1. So that I can retire early.
2. So that I can enjoy life.
3. So that my financial stress will reduce.
4. So that I can spend time with things I like to do.
5. Should I loose my job I will have in income to pay my expenses.
6. To Live debt Free.
7. It is easy to create other income. Just read though this and start making a income. If you can double your current salary with these methods you will receive a bonus equal to your salary from Careermasters.
7 Ways to create income for your future.
1. Talk to people, and if they need one of the following services or products send their details to us and we will reward you.
  * Life /Bond Cover
  * Savings / Investments
  * Education Plans
  * Motor and Household Insurance
  * Business Insurance
  * A Will
  * A Bond for their Property
  * A website
  * Weight loss or Energy products from Herbalife, KLI etc.
2. Earns 3% on referals every month. 
Refer client to us that needs motor and household insurance and when they join Bluecare Brokers. You will receive 3% of there premium every month as long as they pay theirs.
3.Become an affiliate by displaying our banners on your website:
Read more about being an affiliate
4. Get yourself a Block or website and start selling your products

Visit www.whizzihosting.co.za. No need to know how to do it. There is a website builder included.

5. Win R150 000 000 minimum.

The easiest way play euromillions Lotto and you can win more that R150 000 000.

6. Sell weight loss and the best energy products to your friends and family and make 25% commission on all sales. Visit Herbalife as see the business opportunity there.
7. Not everyone's choice - Find a Job and work at Career Masters

* I hope that this will bring you a huge income. I wish you the best.

There are lots more ways to generate a passive income. If you have one contact us.
Enjoy your new found income streams.

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