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Retrenchment Protector and Insurance

Are you afraid of getting retrenched
It can happen at any time in any business.
Terms and Conditions about a retrenchment waiver or retrenchment insurance
a) You need to work for the company that retrenches you for at least 24 months before a claim can be made.
B) You need to have a benefit on your policy for at least 12 months. It does not matter if it is a waiver or monthly income payment you want to claim for.
1. You can add a waiver and some companies that will pay the life insurance or investment premium for mostly up to 12 months from date of retrenchment or until you find another position in the 12 months.
2. At some insurers you can insure your salary. You can earn your salary for up 6 months, or when you find work or the first one.
3. You can get insurance that will pay a lump sum of date of retrenchment. The benefit is maximum 6 times your monthly income.
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