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When using the word equities,we mean the various classes of shares traded on a recognised Stock Exchange.

Due to the strict exchange control provisions applicable to South African residents, the only stock exchange that the South African investor has free access to is the Johannesburg Stock Exchange(JSE) and the ALT X.

You can however invest indirectly into equities via a endowment policy. To use a endowment is sometimes a usefull vehicle. The only problem is that your capital is tied for 5 or more years. For a quick in and out of the market you may consider a unit trust investment. Read the comments about unit trusts.

You can buy shares through different financial service providers.

If you are a person that works on your own and you would like to try the share market go to or and open your own trading account.

The fees are, between 3 to 5%. But sometimes when your financial advisors know the market your gains are huge.