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The purpose of life insurance

1. To provide an income for the surviving family members of a diseased member. For Example: The spouse and children. They can use the money to pay debt, etc. but the purpose was that they will have enough money for a long time to pay for school fees, food, rent or clothing. In a few cases people are insured for enough money for the remaining people to live extravagantly.

2. To Provide a lump sum to cover your debt on you House, Car or Credit Cards.

3. To Provide a lump sum to your business parner/member so that he can buy your shares in the business, so that his spouse does not have to run his side of the business.

4. Life cover is one of the fastest, easiest ways to provide an excellent cash flow for the one's that you love the most. You don't want them to have cash flow problems because of you fail to provide for them after death.

5. It will be the easiest way to make the once left behind rich. Many times the children pays the premium, because they will receive the benfit if there parents die.

6. For a small investment into a Life Insurance Policy you will know your families debt is protected.

When does Life insurance not pay
Life insurance however does not pay, should the insured die from suicide within a certain period or any other self inflicted way or as stipulated in the your policy documents.