Register a company

Benefits we offer if your company is registered through us:

  • We offer special discounts on company life cover policies like Buy and Sell Agreements, Key man Agreements, Contingent Liability Agreements.
  • You get discount of the drafting on the agreements
  • You can get a discount on your domain hosting (design excluded)
  • A domain gives you your own email addresses
  • You get business short term insurance and pay a fixed broker fee of only R100 per month (excluding commission) if you have directors agreements in place through us. These fees normally start at R500.00 per month.

The registration process

  1. You complete our easy form below to reserve a name, make your payment, and continue completing the directors form. (Provided after the payment)
  2. It take 1-5 days to determine if a name can be used.
  3. If we have the directors information we submit it and a form will be send to the directors to sign.
  4. After we received the completed form and all requirements, it will be registered within 24 hours.
  5. A name gets picked from number 1 to 3
  6. If all the names are not available, we will contact you and the reservation fee will be charged again. Its 20% of the total fee.
  7. If the name is available we will request directors information if we did not receive it yet.

Fees for reserving and registering a company

1-4 Directors: R800. now: R400

Directors there after. R150.00 per director

Payment can be made after submitting the form below or pay by payfast. For more than 4 Directors we will send you a invoice.

Alternative payment method: If you do not want to pay with Pay fast /credit card you will receive a invoice after the form is submitted with payment instruction.