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Retirement Annuities

A retirement annuity is a investment in which you save to guarantee you have money when you retire.

Benefits of a retirement annuity

  • You can retire from age 55 from a retirement annuity fund
  • At retirement you can take 1/3 as cash (limits apply) and the rest needs to be invested into a pension or living annuity.
  • You can claim the retirement annuity contributions back from tax. You will receive the same percentage back from sars than your marginal tax rate.
  • The funds are protected against creditors.

More about retirement annuities here.

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An Endowment as an Investment

An endowment is used for medium to long term Investments (Including education Plan). Minimum 5 years.

With an endowment you invest in funds that invests in different asset classes.

Your investment growth depends therefor on the fund’s performance

Endowment gets tax according to the 5-fund approach. The tax rate on growth is 30% plus CGT.

Benefits of an endowment:

  1. After 3 years the value is protected against creditors
  2. It can be ceded
  3. It can have a beneficiary
  4. But it’s included in your estate duty calculation
  5. Funds can change according to your risk profile and needs.

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A unit Trust or Collective Invesment

A unit trust is used for short to medium term investing and when you pay tax at a low tax rate.

With a unit trust you invest in funds that invests in different asset classes, just like an endowment.

Your investment growth depends therefor on the fund’s performance

Unit Trusts growth gets tax according to your marginal tax rate. Making it a very attractable investment option for low-income earners.

The biggest benefit is that it can perform better than cash or money market investments and the funds are available within 3 days.

A unit trust cannot be ceded and on death it pays out to your estate.

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With shares you get ownership in a listed company.

You can buy shares though a share broker or your bank.

Charges are higher that investing though a Unit trust or endowment or annuity.

Risk is also higher because you are exposed to just 1 share where a fund diversifies the risk between different shares.

On death the shares can be bequest to a beneficiary, or it can be sold and the proceeds will go to your estate.

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