Medical Aids

Bluecare Insurance Brokers assist you in choosing the correct medical aid and assist you with your medical aid claims that you think the medical aid should be paying.

To understand medical aids better, get yourself a copy of the excellent book called medical aids explained. You can get a copy by clicking on the picture.

Choosing a medical aid is a not an easy task.

There are so many variants to consider, some of them are:

  • Do you qualify for a reduced rate or income type medical option?
  • Do you want a hospital plan only?
  • Do you want a hospital plan with a savings. Savings normally pays for gp visits, medication, glasses, blood test?
  • Do you want a full medical aid that covers more?
  • How much can you afford to pay?
  • How long have you been on a medical aid?
  • What illness do you have?

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Lets start by looking at

Explaining Medical Aid Types

Medical Aid

A Medical aid is regulated by the Medical Schemes Act.

A medical aid pays most procedures for which you qualify on your scheme option

Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance is regulated by the Long Term and Short Term Insurance Act

Medical Insurance pays for limited procedures and Limits apply

Gap Cover

Gap cover pays when a medical procedure is done and they charge you more than the amount your medical aid pays.

Refunds for such payment is made only when the procedure is covered by your medical aid.

Gap cover can be taken to cover expenses that is 200%, 300%, 500% or 700% above the medical Aid tariff.

Gap cover is not applicable when you have medical insurance

You can read more about the difference here…


When you join a medical aid Premium Penalties can apply when you are over 35 years old and haven’t been on a medical aid before

The following Penalties apply: (Penalties does not apply to savings portion on our medical aid)

1-4 years without: 5%

5-14 years without: 25%

15-24 years without: 50%

25+ years without: 75%

It is vital that you join a medical aid at a young age and that you continue to be a member of a medical aid to make your medical aid premiums more affordable.

Calculate the percentage your premium will be increased with when you join a medical aid.

Medical schemes we specialise in:



Discovery Health




Momentum Health

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