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Life cover – Disability Cover – Severe Illness Cover – Funeral Cover

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Discovery Members can add life cover to a existing plan and get the increased cover at a 20% discount for the next 3 years.

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Life cover is affordable


Female – 35 years old

Non smoker

With a degree qualification

Business Owner

Premium: only R87 for R1000 000 life cover

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Suggestion: Take R1 000 000 life cover and when your children earns a income, they start paying it and they get the benefits. (But take it when you are healthy, then you prevent illness loading)

Life cover is cheaper than funeral cover. But take it as young as possible and when you are healthy

We can assist with any product queries from products at Liberty Life, Discovery, Sanlam, Momentum, FMI, Hollard, Old Mutual, Allan Gray.


Get a 20% boost on your investment.

Invest a lump sum into a retirement annuity or preservation fund and you can get a fund boost of up to 20% extra allocation for free

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Invest for 5 years in a fixed offshore portfolio and get a guaranteed 100% return if the market return is more that 1%

(Funds must be received before 24/11/2020)

Invest from R100 000

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Did covid deplete your savings?

Can you cover at least 6 months expenses when another covid strikes or when you loose your job or your business because of the economy or because of a illness?

If not get a quote and start saving in a unit trust or long term savings plan.

Short Term Insurance

Insure your business or personal belongings and pay no broker or admin fee.

We offer very compatible rates from different insurers.

Remember to add your content by the latest 1 November otherwise you will not be covered in December, when you are away and nobody is at home

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Other products we offer.

Medical Aid – (Student plans from R650pm)
Medical Insurance
Gap Cover
Cat and Dog Medical Aid
Funeral Cover
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Pension Funds
Wills (
Company Registration from only R400.00

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