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Principles and Steps for Financial Plannings
Principles of financial planning

  • 1. Set measurable goals.
  • 2. Understand the effect that your financial decisions have on other financial issues.
  • 3. Re-evaluate your financial plan periodically.
  • 4. Start now, don't assume that financial planning begins when you get older.
  • 5. Start with what you have, don’t assume that financial planning is only for the wealthy.
  • 6. Look at the big picture, financial planning involves more than just retirement planning or tax planning. It is a lifetime process and not a once-off event.
  • 7. Don't confuse financial planning with investing.
  • 8. Don't expect unrealistic returns on investments.
  • 9. Don’t wait until a financial crisis to start planning.
  • 10. Take control - you are in charge of the financial planning process
    Financial Planning in a nutshell
    Financial Planning involves 5 steps to be financially successfull. It helps you analyse yur financial situation and it takes you to financial freedom. Though these steps we establish and grow a professional relationship with you to assist you in setting your life goals. We evaluate all relevant information, analyse your financial needs and develop a strategy on how to achieve these goals, based on your current circumstances and future plans. Once it is implemented, we consistently monitor and evaluate the plan to ensure its effectiveness in relation to our set objectives.

    A Look at these steps

    1. Building a professional relationship

    Your Financial Planner will define his/her responsibilities and the nature of the services to be provided. You should reach mutual agreement on the duration of your professional relationship and how decisions are to be made.

    2. Defining your goals and setting those objectives

    At this stage, we will work with you towards defining your personal and financial goals. All relevant information and documentation is collected following which he/she will give you advice and discuss a time frame for results.

    3. The financial needs analysis

    We will analyse your current situation and determine what is needed to meet your goals. This includes an analysis of your assets, liabilities, cash flow, current insurance cover, investments and tax strategies.

    4. Report preparation and presentation

    We will give you objective recommendations derived from the information provided by you to specifically address your goals.

    5. Plan Implementation

    During the process of agreeing on how these recommendations will be carried out, we will act as your “coach” and start implementing the methods to reach you short falls.

    6. Tracing your path towards financial success

    The path of progress towards reaching your goals will be reviewd on regular basis to increase the possibility of reaching you goals.

    7. React and get your financial plan on the road

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