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Unit truts

To me it is exept for keeping your cash in a savings account, your next best thing to have. It does have its benefits and its disadvantages.

Benefits of a unit trust are:

1. You can have a monthly debit order or you can make a lump sum deposit.
2. Charges are raised monthly.
3. You can sell your unit trust any time and have your money within 48 hours.
4. You can choose between 40 unit trust funds at Bluecare Brokers.
5. You get taxed at your normal tax rate. That means low income earners can save faster that high income earners.
6. Your unit trust funds canbe switched.
7. It is a fund where you have excess to your funds quickly without penelty fees should you surrender.


1. Some people say it is only for aggresive investors.I say you can create better wealth than from endowments.
2. Market fluctuations influence your money directly.
3. You do have all the fica and fais requirements that are required by law.

Unit trust are a valuable investment. Everybody should have a few.