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One of your most important parts of your body is your eyes!
With new technology and advanced tools one can solve many medical conditions, through looking at somebodies eye's. We call the medical procedure Iridology. If you haven't heard about it, read about it on the internet. You will discover valuable information.
Through your eye's you can discover what illness you have or which one's are on it's way. Through medical technology and scan's you can pick up conditions that can lead to fatal illnesses.
Use it to determine you families's history of dread diseases or to prevent serious health problems.
If you would like to have a look into your future health conditions book your appointment now, do not set it aside. Prevention is better that cure. Give the Detox and Oxone centre a call at 012 547 3769 and book your appointment now.
What is a Dread Disease?

A Dread Disease is a desease that you wish you never got, because it can be fatal and lead to dead. With medical technology, some of these disease became curable but it does influance your expenses and working capabilities.

Some illnesses that falls under a Dread Disease policy are:

Cardiovascular system problems
Cerebrovascular Incident
Parkinson’s Disease
Alzheimer’s Disease
Muscular Distrophy
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Loss of hearing
Loss of sight

Most of them will prevent you to do your work property, and therefore it can lead to resignation, incompetence and a lack of funding.
Dread Disease cover then , is insurance where a lump sum is payable on the diagnosis of any dread disease that is covered under your policy.
The amount payable is measured according to the severety of the disease.
For example:
Cancer has 4 stages:
At stage 1 you will have a claim of 25% of the amount insured.
At stage 2 you will have a claim of 50% of the amount insured.
At stage 3 you will have a claim of 75% of the amount insured.
At stage 4 you will have a claim of 100% of the amount insured.

Insurers do differ on a amount of diseases they cover and the amounts that are payable. For the best cover and advice give us contact us as Bluecare Brokers.