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What is Disability Cover?

Disability cover is an amount that will be paid out should the Insured become disabled or phyically or mentally unfit to perform their duties.
Different kinds of disability cover

A) Capital Disability

Capital disability insurance is a lump sum that wil be paid when you cannot work anymore.
The Capital Disability Benefit pays you a lump sum if you are occupationally disabled.
There are two definitions of occupational disability available:<BR>

1.Own occupation disability (OOD): The benefit is payable if you cannot do your specific job. For example if you are a surgeon and suffer from an injury, then this benefit will be paid even if you have the experience and training to become a lecturer.

2.Own or reasonable occupation disability (OD): The benefit will only be paid if you are unable to perform your job or any reasonable job. So, using the example above, if the surgeon has the experience and training to be a lecturer, but is unable to perform this role because of the disability the claim will be paid.

B) Impairment and Total Disability
The Impairment Benefit pays you a lump sum if you are permanently impaired. The size of the payment depends on the severity of your impairment

Impairment pays on Benefit Categories Like:
Cardiovascular System
Respiratory System
Digestive System
Urinary System
Haemopoietic System (the blood)
Endocrine System
Ear, Nose, Throat and related structures
Visual System
Central Nervous System
Mental and Behavioural
Each benefit allows a percentage payment on impairment.For more detailes contact us.

C) Income Disability

The Income Disability Benefit provides a monthly income payable on occupational disability until age 60 or 65. Should you be partially disabled only a partial payment will be done every month.