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Property as Investment vehicle
Many investors will claim that a portfolio without immovable property is not worth having.

They have been influenced by the fact that either they or their ancestors have accumulated considerable wealth by investing in immovable property.

There have certainly been boom years in the property market. In the recent past property has gain and lost some of its attraction. This is particularly true of the residential property market in most parts of the country. Since the elections in 1994, the residential property market has out performed the rate of inflation until the beginning of 2008.

Property however also moving from a conservative to a equity investment, will always be a good investment. Most of the time you will get your money back if you should sell it.

One must just be carefull where you do buy the property. Buying in areas with a high corruption rate, or in a industrial area may not be a investment but a long term loss.
The property market is still one of your best ways to create wealth. With the current econimic conditions that will last another year or so property will be a good investment. The possibility to loose you money in property is very unlikeley inless it is a result of poor planning.
To buy property for investment purposes at a expensive price is a bad idea. If you do buy investment property make sure it is done in cash or with a tenant in place. But to buy property as home is never a bad idea.
If you do buy property for rental purposes speak to us to insure you against the rent that you can loose should your tenant decide not to pay you.